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День Сумасшедших?

Получаю письмо:

Dear Miss Erina,
I am Sonny (Song Hoon) Hoh, who is the partner of Mr Dong Yun Park for managing the GBHl.
I had a contract for the partnership since the 5th of January this year at least for 7 and half years since then. I heard from Mr Park that you had also contract for 5 years from June this year. Unfortunately, however, the building of GBHl will be re-constructed in 2 years. It will be totally destroyed and new building will be erected. When I joined Mr Park, the price of GBHl and Restaurant was counted as 125,000 dollars. But I heard from one of Korean residents (Mr Кal) it was discounted already less than 80,000 dollars. It means that Mr Park already knew that it will re-constructed within 2 years. You may check whether Mr Park knew the fact of re-construction before you had a contract with him. Please just meet the manager of Port Authority and ask him. He may also know the fact and may have told it to Mr Park last year. I think both of us were cheated by Mr Park. He did not allow me to manage the hotel and always ask me for further investment. The manager Mr Yoo always follow the order of Mr Park.
Mr Park even put some drugs (phylopon) into my beer glass and always asked me to come to the hotel. He called a policeman and he tried desperately to capture me while my body was polluted by the drugs. I checked my urine voluntarily in the military hospital with my ex-girl friend. She also put some drugs into my foods (100% sure). In the hospital I was shocked by the result of my urine test, but my girlfriend and her mum were not surprised at all. Even she asked me what kinds of drug I had. It was really absurd. I told her if anything goes wrong I will go into the prison but nothing will be given to you if you do not help me. Then I left the hospital quite safely with them. At that time I was not sure whether she may have put some drug into my food. I never had a drug, and thus I suspected Mr Park first and my ex-girlfriend. But when I was near the hotel, both of them desperately tried to capture me. Therefore I am now sure that both of them put some drug into my foods. I even suspect Mr Park is a drug dealer. I heard from one of Korean residents in Kampot that Mr Park’s daughter Mary did not fail in the high school. Mr Park normally told the people that she failed in the Life High School and transferred to the other high school. Even she did not extend her visa possibly because she could not get the permission. Mary speaks Cambodian very fluently and she is far better than my ex-girlfriend in English. How about in Russia? The failure in the high school is very rare in Korea. People say that she was cut off because she sold drugs to her friends. People said that she took drugs from her father’s asset cage. You have to be very careful when you meet Mr Park.
Please don’t drink anything with him. Please don’t lose anymore.
11. 07. 2012
With great regards
Sonny Hoh
P.S. And according to unconfirmed information he was HIV positive

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